Social Media Marketing

Contact your customers on social networking sites

Premium social marketing service for you

Target audience

Precise determining and planning of the audience

Social PPC

Creating targeted ads after determining the target audience


Creating special measure codes to measure efficiency

Managing community platforms

We undertake the management of your company on community platforms

Reporting & Analysis

Detailed and easy to understand reporting of the achieved results

Brand Management

We make your target audience fall in love with your brand name

The expansion of social marketing is lightning fast, and nowadays the vast majority of companies have integrated community marketing into their marketing communication. Although in this respect Facebook is the best known and the most important website, we are also keen on using and suggesting other social networking sites such as Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.


Communication with the community seems simple enough, but in fact it involves a series of difficult decisions, such as what kind of content we share about our company or our products on which social networking sites. It is no light matter when and what we communicate!


Our company helps you to ensure that your brand is built on community communication instead of being destroyed by it, and that you acquire new customers instead of losing them. Whether your company is small or large, we have the creativity, energy, experiential capital and, of course, time to ensure your company a community appearance that will impress your customers.


Within the framework of community marketing, we build and manage your website, ensure relevant fans (LIKE’s), and create and manage your advertisements.