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Why is Google Analytics useful?

Analysis with Google Analytics

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Website owners are often faced with the problem of not knowing how efficiently their website is working, who visit it, and what are the visitors’ demographic data. Within the limit of possibilities, everything should be measured that happens on the site, so that based upon the stored data the appropriate conclusions can be drawn and an appropriate profile can be created. Data measuring and interpreting is performed with the aid of various web analytics programs and software.


Google Analytics


In the following, we will briefly present one of the most popular tools, Google Analytics. This tool, in addition to being completely free, has many advantages:

  • It provides easy connection to the PPC advertising system
  • A single code needs to be placed in your website’s source code
  • It makes possible to obtain all relevant information
  • It is constantly improved


What kind of data is provided by Google Analytics?


Perhaps it would be easier to list the information we cannot measure by Google Analytics. A key point about the underlying logic of the system is that it is not concerned with individuals, but with groups. Therefore, we are unable to follow a selected site visitor’s viewing path; similarly, we don’t have access to IP addresses, names and other personal information. Except for the above, however, we can find out almost all other relevant information about our visitors.


By using Google Analytics, we can determine what browser and screen resolution was used during the visit. In addition to the technical data, Analytics also provides demographic data, such as language and geographic location. And, perhaps more importantly, we can learn what keywords our visitors used that directed them to our site, from what sources and media they came from, how much time they spent on our website, etc.


In possession of these data of key importance, we can optimize our PPC campaign or SEO strategy for a more effective performance. These data can be filtered further and made more specific by using the appropriate settings. We can set filters, goals and channels to become even more efficient in making decisions.


The Virus Media Search Marketing Agency, when it comes to Google Analytics

Due to the continuing development of Google Analytics, it represents a challenge to keep up with the operation of the system; even in recent months a considerable amount of changes took place. We want to help you set up the system and the data interpretation correctly for an optimal start, so that you do not have to deal with these tasks later on. Upon request, our Google Analytics accredited consultants will create your own Analytics account and link it to your AdWords or other PPC advertising system.