Search Engine Optimization

Get to the top of the Google search results list

What is it exactly we may offer you?

Website audit

If you would like to know which are the flaws of your present website


Professional PR article appearance to achieve a better position.

Rapid SEO

Quick SEO plan preparation, review and implementation

Keyword Research

We will determine the keywords that your customers search for


Online SEO consultancy

If you wish to achieve a better ranking of your website within the natural results of search engines for a particular keyword, we can offer you our search engine optimization service.


Unfortunately, today the majority of businesses regard SEO (search engine optimization) as an unnecessary expense, as it does not produce immediate results. The Virus Media Search Marketing Agency consultants are familiar with the latest tricks and regulations. In accordance with these, we can offer you a customized SEO study on the basis of which your web page will be optimized for the keyword or keywords that can bring you the most relevant traffic.


During recent years almost every website on which we performed search engine optimization has been featured among the top Google organic search results; this was achieved by fully complying with the Google guidelines, and not simply by building websites for search engine robots, the way it is often done in the business.


Many misconceptions are circulating about search engine optimization; some of these we would like to dispel from the beginning:


  • Search engine optimization brings immediate results. False! Search engine optimization is a long process. To be sure, your website will come higher in Google search results because of optimization, but getting among the TOP hits may need several months. Never believe it when a company claims with 100% certainty that your website will be among the TOP hits!
  • Expensive. Again, this is not true! Search engine optimization is a one-time investment for your business. Once you have reached the desired position in the search engines, it provides you with the relevant visitors and customers for free, and you can maintain your position with significantly less financial investment.


Out of curiosity, our company has created a statement based on our existing clients’ details, in which we examined those visitors’ traffic sources (e.g. directly entering the given web address, Google search, Google Ads etc.) who spend the most time on a website, and those who view the most pages.


The results of the test have proved with 100% certainty that those users who search with a particular keyword and find a website within Google’s organic results have the tendency to spend twice or three times more time on the site than other users.


How is search engine optimization performed?


Our company’s provides four kinds of search engine optimization services:

  • We can prepare an approximately 30-page customized SEO study for your company or website, which includes an analysis of the competition in your business as well as a complete guide on how to take priority over competing websites in the viewfinder. Within this option, we offer you documentation containing suggestions of online and offsite components that can be implemented by your own developers in accordance with the study.
  • Full Service. In this case, we do not give you documentation; instead, after a preliminary research we carry out the search optimization of your website with our own developers and consultants.
  • Within the framework of a monthly service fee. With this option, our consultants will remain at your disposal after the search engine optimization to constantly monitor your website’s position in the viewfinder and intervene if the expected results are not produced.
  • Preparing a fast SEO study. We recommend this service to those who are not prepared to commit to any of the above service yet, but would like to find out about their website’s faults and lacks that can be mended with SEO. The examination takes only about 2-3 workdays. Upon request, the results will be sent to you along with keyword research in PDF and Excel format.