Pay Per Click Management

Priority Adwords PPC campaign management in the advertising system of Google, Facebook and Bing

Why should you choose Virus Media?

PPC Strategy

Planning and design from concept to creation

Shopping Ads

More than 10 years of experience in online store advertising


Creating and placing of codes, which can measure effectiveness on the website

Writing advertisement

We invent, write and optimize your advertisement texts


Keyword research to find the relevant keywords

PPC Optimization

Manual campaign management and optimization on a daily basis

If you have high expectations regarding pay per click advertising, you can choose our multi-featured and accredited agency, Virus Media. We are present in three countries, with offices in Budapest, Barcelona and New York.


In our days, pay-per-click advertising has gained an unparalleled popularity, and it is difficult to find a more lucrative way to increase your business. You will be charged only if a user actually visited your site, and our task is to ensure that these users are 100% relevant to your business. To achieve this, we use unique design software that empowers us to manage, optimize and clearly measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns of our clients ranging from small businesses to giant enterprises that sell tens of thousands of products.


The optimization of PPC campaigns is performed manually on a daily basis; therefore, if we do not get the expected results determined in advance together with our client, we can immediately re-calibrate the search to reduce the potential loss of the client. Proactive campaign management of this kind is very rare in the market, and this is the reason why we can offer full warranty for our services.